Live Shopping

Sell merch & access in-stream. Anywhere

Transform live and on-demand streams into immersive shopping experiences that enable viewers to purchase merch or digital access without leaving the broadcast. Use PANDA’s embeddable player to reach new customers by leveraging the built-in audiences of O&O properties or publishing partners.

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Key Benefits


Boost Sales

Sell merch from any e-commerce platform in-stream


Build Trust

Respond to viewers questions in real-time through chat or video


Reach More Customers

Embed PANDA on multiple apps and websites at the same time


Drive Transactions

Trigger on-screen ads at key moments in the broadcast to drive sales

Sell In-Stream

Drive merchandise sales with a highly visible storefront that enables viewers to complete transactions without having to leave the stream. Pin the most popular merchandise right under the stream for increased visibility, and offer different merchandise based on geolocation.

Powerful Calls To Action

Launch clickable/tappable overlays at key moments of the broadcast to drive sales and build awareness. Program CTAs in advance, push out manually, or leverage computer vision and audio transcription to deploy overlays at scale automatically.

Brand-Safe Social Engagement

Choose from our a la carte menu of social engagement panels to offer a lean-in viewing experience crafted specially for your brand. From chatting to real-time polls & trivia, all social layers include robust moderation tools and user-level permissions and access control.

Prime Location Online

Offer a full-screen viewing experience, or embed PANDA directly into articles, blogs, or landing pages with just a few clicks. Advanced SDK, API and OAuth capabilities enable seamless integration into visually any app or website.

More Benefits


Works with Any Store

Integrate product from any store including Shopify, Magento and more


Personalized Shopping

Automatically show different available merch for sale based on geolocation of viewer


Remote Production

Talent can go live from anywhere and Producers can access robust broadcast tools remotely



Build-once, reach everywhere with full web, mobile web and app support


Truly-Live Video

Deliver synchronized HD live streams in sub-second latency scalable to tens of millions of viewers


Automatic Transcriptions

Auto-generated transcriptions enable Closed Captioning support and automatic deployment of CTAs



Viewers can instantly jump to any segment of on-demand broadcasts

Other Solutions

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