Live and on-demand concerts that drive revenue and compel action

Transform any show into an interactive viewing experience that drives revenue and engagement right on your app or website — automatically and with no heavy lifting. Audiences never have to leave your property to interact or complete a purchase, and shows are fully branded to be authentic to the artist(s) or festival.

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Key Benefits


Increase Viewership

Increase ticket sales by offering interactive viewing experiences


Drive Revenue

Sell tickets or merch or accept donations from fans right within the stream


Fuel Retention

A la carte gamification turns viewers into engaged participants


Maximize Reach

Interactive player can be deployed across multiple apps and websites

Activate Your Audience

Offer a best-in-class interactive viewing experience that keeps the audience engaged with multiple camera angles, real-time polls, clickable on-air controls, moderated chat and more. Maintain access control down to the user level with multiple security options.

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Maximize Scale

Harness the fully self-contained portable player to broadcast live or on-demand shows on an unlimited number of websites or apps simultaneously. Ticket and merchandise transactions can be completed without ever leaving the embed and all elements of the experience are automatically customized based on geolocation and access level.

Live Giving Done Right

Enable viewers to contribute to charitable causes effortlessly or purchase virtual gifts. Contributions can be acknowledged with vibrant on-air graphics and leaderboards that display results in real-time. Robust global payment gateway accepts credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin and text-to-pay.

The New Pop-Up Shop

Drive ticket and merchandise sales with a highly visible storefront that enables viewers to complete transactions without having to leave the stream. Pin the most popular merchandise right under the stream for increased visibility, and offer different merchandise based on geolocation.

Powerful PPV & Subscriptions

Use our advanced PPV and subscription engine to handle ticket sales, landing pages, subscriptions and more — or leverage OAuth to integrate PANDA into your existing platform and workflow.

Best-In-Class Integration

All elements of the UI/UX can be customized for an authentic brand experience, and our SDK, API and OAuth capabilities enable seamless integration into your existing platform and workflow. Use our player and OVP or simply plug in and enhance your existing video stack.

Ads & Sponsors

All on-air graphics and user elements are customizable and can be sponsor branded, including lower thirds, polls and intro and outro commercials.

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Watch Together

Enable remote ticket holders to watch live or on-demand shows together, regardless of their location. Fans can easily invite their friends to buy tickets and join their watch party with integrated social media and promotion tools.

More Benefits



Viewers can instantly jump to any segment of on-demand broadcasts



Automatically show different merchandise or experiences based on geolocation of viewer


Remote Production

Talent can go live from anywhere and Producers can access robust broadcast tools remotely


Interactive Podcasts

Automatically convert live and VOD to podcasts in one streamlined platform



Build-once, reach everywhere with full web, mobile web and app support



Encourage participation or drive sales with leaderboards, achievements and user-levels


Real-Time Tickers

Show real-time updates from any data feed with automatic scrolling ticker support


Overlay Triggers

Trigger banners and branded CTAs at any time in the broadcast with one click

Other Solutions

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