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SocketVision rapidly ingresses and normalizes data from any source — using ultrafast socket connections — and brings it to life with vibrant real-time visuals and overlays that are contextually matched and synchronized with any live or pre-recorded video. The result? An unmatched lean-in viewing experience for web, mobile, and CTV that unlocks the true value of your content by making it actionable.

SocketVision opens up new ways for sportsbooks and media companies to offer Watch & Bet experiences that were previously impossible or cost-prohibitive. The technology has already been used by top sportsbooks and media companies and is positioned to play a key role in the explosion of online sports betting.

The SocketVision Advantage

PANDA's technology is ushering in the next step in live online betting on sporting events. Using SocketVision, a sports betting platform can display live and on-demand video, enhanced with its real-time data, on any media publisher's site. Viewers can place bets using contextually matched, interactive data without leaving a publisher's website or app. Unlike traditional non-interactive solutions that require video streams to be modified — which introduces latency, and which can cause licensing issues — video streams enhanced with SocketVision are unmodified; instead, the updates are sent to viewers via a secondary (and persistent) communications channel. This approach allows for greater opportunities for clients to enhance broadcasts with associated real-time information (for example, related live betting) that is both actionable and scalable.

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Patented Technology

Delight & activate viewers with PANDA's SocketVision technology. SocketVision offers a new way to experience broadcasts — interactively. SocketVision is patent-protected technology developed by PANDA since 2016.

PANDA’s patents include:

  • US 10,425,697
  • US 10,805,687
  • US 11,039,218
  • US 11,356,742
  • US 11,770,591

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