PANDA's team is made up of leaders from the worlds of sports business & sports betting, finance, law & media. Its investors and advisors include SGI MB, The NFL Players Association, and more.

Donald Schupak
Kevin April
Peter Azuolas
Andrew Schupak


PANDA develops solutions that enable sportsbooks, sports media, and betting affiliates to drive engagement and revenue by enhancing their content with live, actionable betting odds and interactive social features. PANDA is fully licensed as an online sports betting vendor and/or supplier in all applicable states, including:


The confluence of media and sports betting is essential to the evolution of the fan-viewing & reading experience, but innovation has not kept up with the pace of market adoption. Enter PANDA. Our Studio and CUB solutions are built from the ground up to support the intersection of online gaming and sports media.


PANDA started developing its platform in 2016 as a live-streaming network for sports fans and media companies, including USA Today Sports, YardBarker, ClutchPoints, LakersNation, SBNation and more. As a result of market demand, we have since opened up our technology to select sportsbooks, betting affiliates, and media companies.


PANDA is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, and has a 100% US-based management and development team. To contact us, click the button below.

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NBA Commissioner Emeritus

David was our first outside advisor and investor. He challenged us to be innovative and inspired us in our ambitious mission. His legacy of spirit, wisdom and authenticity is embedded in everything we do.

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