Watch & Bet

Generate more revenue and engagement instantly. Built specifically for the confluence of online sports betting and digital media, PANDA's Watch & Bet platform drives signups, betting velocity, and deposits while offering an immersive lean-in viewing experience that fuels engagement and customer retention.

Live Odds & Lines

Enhance your live streams on uploaded videos with real-time bets and lines — and enable viewers to place bets without ever leaving the show. PANDA currently has built-in integration with over half a dozen online sportsbooks (with more being added all the time!)

Key Features
  • Show live bets from one sportsbook, or turn on multiple sportsbooks that your viewers can toggle between
  • Show different sportsbooks based on the location of the viewer
  • Synchronize what bets are shown with the topics of your video segments

Bet Picks

Recommend what bets you think your viewers should make to drive deposits and click-throughs. Your bet picks show up front and center and can be controlled in real-time or programmed in advance.

Key Features
  • Spotlight bets from any sportsbook
  • Automatically generated on-air graphics drive click-throughs
  • Dedicated Bet Picks panel and pinned bets

Boosters & Promotions

Utilize PANDA's scrolling ticker, ad system, and overlays to display boosters and promos at a state-by-state level. View Ad Capabilities

Key Features
  • Automatic scrolling tickers
  • Easily create custom clickable overlays that appear throughout the broadcast
  • New ad inventory to promote sportsbooks or promos including panel banners and chat ads

Endless Live Bets

Even after the stream ends, PANDA keeps updating its player to always show viewers the most contextually-relevant open bets using an advanced waterfall system. This enables affiliates to maximize long-tail revenue and increases their content’s ROI.

Key Features
  • Always shows open bets even after the live stream ends
  • Enables media sites to capture long tail traffic
  • Fully customizable waterfall system


With PANDA, affiliate revenue is just the start. In addition to earning commissions on FTDs, generate incremental revenue from in-stream shopping, sponsorships, and paid subscriptions.

Affiliate Commissions
OSB Affiliate Codes
Ecommerce Shop
Shopify Store
PPV + Subscriptions
Sponsored Overlay CTAs
100x100 Ad + Text
Sponsored Shop
Shopify Store Integration
Advertisement Panel
300x250 Ad + Text + Button
Commercials (Pre/Mid/Post)
720dpi Minimum
Overlaid Ad / Watermark
300x250 Banner Ad/Logo
Leaderboard Banner
970x90 Banner Ad
In-Chat Ads
30x30 Circle Image + Text
Sponsored Sportsbook
Bet Picks, Pinned Bets
Presenting Sponsors
200x105 Transparent Logo
Portal Leaderboard Banner
970x90 Banner Ad
Sponsored Panels
320x50 Banner Ad
Scrolling Ticker
24x24 + Text
Portal Header Integration
Transparent Combined Logo


Tailor your experience top-to-bottom using your own logos, color palette, imagery, overlay styles and more. Choose the best layout and features for your brand. Advanced customizations can be accomplished with custom CSS or engage our team to create bespoke features to enhance your experience.


Activate powerful third-party integrations to enhance your experience with some of the leading companies in the space.


View your stats & earnings in near real-time and discover trends and insights tailored just for sports betting affiliates.

Revenue Reporting

Your earnings in near real-time and discover trends and insights

Filter by Sportsbook

Your betting analytics overall or broken down by sportsbook

Bet Clicks

How many bet clicks your viewers make and where they clicked

Overlay Clicks

How many overlays your viewers click on and which are most popular

Engagement Stats

Various engagement metrics including which segments are watched


Your click-through rates at network, channel and broadcast levels


The amount of views at network, channel and broadcast levels

View Duration

The length of time viewers watch your content on average


Your audience size at network, channel and broadcast levels

Concurrent Viewers

The amount of viewers watching your content at the same time

Device Types

The devices your audience uses to consume your content on


The browsers your audience uses to consume your content on

Operating System

The operating systems your audience uses to consume your content on

Audience Location

The states and countries that your audience are located in

Traffic Source

The inbound sources that your audience visited your content from

Traffic Destination

The outbound destinations that your audience goes to from your content

The Complete Watch & Bet Platform

Monetizing your video streams with Watch & Bet and in-stream commerce has never been easier. Book a demo to see how you can start monetizing your content today.

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