World Putting League uses PANDA for Watch & Bet experience

Updated May 17, 2023 8:07 PM EDT

PANDA Interactive teamed up with the Pro League Network to stream its World Putting League (WPL) event on April 20, 2023, live from Myrtle Beach, South Caroline. 

Using PANDA, the WPL was able to enhance the live stream with contextually matched live bets, in-stream commerce, and community features. This allowed viewers to place bets on the outcome of the tournament, purchase merchandise, and interact with other fans in real-time.

The WPL is a professional mini-golf league that features some of the top players in the sport. The WPL event on PANDA was a great success, with viewers enjoying the enhanced live stream and engaging with the various interactive features. 

To learn more or to watch a replay of the event, click here.


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