Hey, UFC fan!

The video on USA Today SMG that you followed this link from is powered by PANDA, a patented interactive video platform based out of Las Vegas, Nevada that's used by some of the world's greatest media companies and online sports books. PANDA helps media companies like USA Today SMG enhance their online video programming in ways never before possible. From in-stream betting to clickable overlays that appear at just the right time, PANDA is pioneering the "View and Do" experience.

How USA Today SMG uses PANDA



See live odds and lines related to the video you're watching



Clickable on-air graphics make every show a "view and do" experience



Chat with other viewers before, during and after the show​ (on select streams)

Contact PANDA Interactive

PANDA works with some of the largest media companies in the US on an exclusive invite-only basis. If you are interested in speaking with us, use the contact form below.